deanmeme: Favorite Outfits. [4/6]

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DEAN—Ugh. Shoulda cleaned the pipes.


DEAN—I, uh, I wish the pipes were cleaner.

My Dean obsession    endless∞spn caps  (No Exit 2x06)

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winnerwinnerchickndinner requested: Dean + Sleepy/Just Woke Up

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✦ Jared, Jensen + Misha photoshoot for TV Guide 2010 ✦

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Jensen in Smallville - 1/…

➥ Crusade // 4x01

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Jared discovers other uses for the fan and Jensen tries to be stern but ultimately fails (x,x)

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10 years of Sam & Dean   Sammy

#this is like the best thing ever #how bad ass Dean still calls his equally bad ass brother Sammy, it is so adorable 

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Dean + Batman

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